Large Variety of Services

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Professional Partnership
Employ our own professionals by Partnership in the fields of Engineering, Energy-supply, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Real-Estate, Industrial and Civil Engineering, Project-Management, and Project-Controlling
Interior Design and Branding
Our team of designers have the required expertise to provide clients with highly innovative interior designs. We have the capability to cater to a large array of businesses and provide designs depending on specific client requirements.
Marketing and official presence in Global Media (TV, newspapers, fairs) in all areas of interest: development of business relations, tourism aspects, trading with commodities.
Purchasing and Supply Mgt.
Purchasing strategy and systems to the contribution of the competitive advantage of firms based on strategic management theories.
Public procurement
General Consultancy
We provide consultancy, project-management, project financing and further requested services.
Contract management and Contract volumes can be negotiated; either fixed fees or percentages.